How is TripShurpa different than other travel review sites?


Guide + Company Reviews

Rate and review adventure companies and their guides. Find your company and request their best guide! You can even tip your guide on his profile after.


Guide Certifications + Training

Does he actually know what he's doing? Verify that your guide has the right certifications and training to lead your next adventure.


Discover + Plan Adventure

Discover epic adventures, plan your ultimate trip itinerary, invite your friends and book your adventure!

Even if you're not planning a guided adventure, you'll still love TripShurpa.


Planning adventure travel isn't like booking a hotel. It's deeper and grittier. TripShurpa gives you key information to plan authentic, safe and epic adventures.

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Adventure Operators

Connect with the adventure travellers you're looking for. Upsell to guided trips and edge out the competition by showing off your uber talented and trained guides.

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